My Bad Heart – I walked over to a seat at New York’s E-park, and sat down on one of the park benches by a large tree. I struggled alone, while drinking my cappuccino coffee I bought at Cafetarria, you know that right? the place where I met Dane. Yes, Dan. Do you know him? He is the man in my heart right now, and you know now I love 2 men. The first one’s name is Caron Felvish. The classmate I used to love, the one I used to or now love. And the second is Dane. And they are one of my current struggles.

Author POV

The girl with purple eyes and hair mixed with purple ruffled her hair, making her hair look messy. You might call her Tara Natelints. Yes, that’s his name. You can also see from the look on his face, that he has a tough struggle. Tara threw the paper cup that had the cappuccino coffee in the trash. Then he scratched his head once more.

“Should I go back to Paris?” he said.

“Should I go back to Paris again?” Tara said. the girl raised her legs and hugged her own legs.

“Should I leave the Dane?” he asked.

Someone came out of hiding behind a big tree and said, “Come back Tara,” he said.


“You go back to Paris you must miss Valery Oks right? Or do you miss the classmate you’re chasing, right? Come on, confess!” said Dane trying to laugh even though inside his heart was shattered into pieces.

Tara looked at the Dane after she had looked down for too long, and she could see the smile again—a forced and sad smile. Dane remembers the first incident when he met Tara Natelints, when he accidentally met his ex whom he still loves, Valery Oks. Valery asked Dane to be his friend’s fake girlfriend and at that moment Dane thought, if he became his friend’s fake girlfriend, maybe he could get back with Valerry and he accepted. But God said otherwise, Dane got to know Tara and bullied her, even though at first she was very cold.

“Come back Tara.”

“I’m not going home,” Tara said. “because…” Tara didn’t continue her words but in the end she did. “I love you, Dane.” Dane looked at Tara then Tara looked at Dane with wide eyes then started crying and left the park running towards one of the buses. And looked at Tara’s departure who occasionally fell, I really wanted to come and hug Tara. But that can’t happen. “I’m sorry Tara because I told you I don’t love you. I’m sorry, before you and I feel the loss.”

Tara is now at the airport, yesterday’s events made her want to get out of New York quickly but she still didn’t want to leave Dane. “Lord, if it rains it means the Dane will come here, Otherwise it won’t rain.” he prayed as he usually did. But the day was getting brighter and hotter and he had already concluded that “God won’t let the Dane come.”

It’s snowing in Paris. Tara pulled her suitcase down the Paris Sidewalk in silence, even her footsteps and the sound of the wheels of her trunk being audible. He arrived in Paris at 12:23 pm and only a few vehicles passed. He walked and stopped at one of the old cafes he had visited when he was still in Paris. Cafe Oaks. He entered and saw several people in the cafe. He sat down at one of the tables after he ordered coffee. And he missed this table. this table was the table where he usually investigated Caron across the street, because across the street it was where Caron and his friends usually hung out.

Tara exhaled heavily and mumbled to herself “It’s okay Tara, you can live your life.”

While he was muttering incoherently, someone was seen crossing the street and his movements were very suspicious, “That’s Valery, isn’t it?”

Tara immediately followed Valery, and Valery stopped and sat next to a man with brown hair.

“Dane?!” Tara said, lucky she was away from them at the time.

he just stared from a distance, and heard something that really hurt him, “You’ve been toying with Tara?” Valery said to Dane.

“Already.” replied Dan. Tara stood frozen and frozen colder than the snow in paris, but she didn’t feel it because there was something worse than that and her heart.

“I hate him.” said Valery.

Tara glared at Valery’s words, “Hate? hate me?”

“But, Valery, Will you Marry Me?” said the Dane which made Tara even colder.

“We’ve been dating for 8 years, haven’t we? Why don’t we just go on to marriage?” said Dane.

Tara looked at her and said to herself “Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, you are stronger Tara, you are stronger.” he said.

Tara only hoped that Valery would turn her down even though she knew it would not happen. Valerry looked at Dane for a while and said, “Yes, I will.”

Tara just looked up at the sky and said, “God, if the Dane wasn’t mine let it rain now,” she said. It was raining heavily, adding to the chill in Paris. but Tara didn’t feel it, she just felt a very deep heartache.

“Enough God! Enough! Enough of the trouble you gave me! Enough for Caron to call off my engagement to him, and enough for the Dane!” tara said fragilely.

Tara cries in rain, she cries. “God, it’s okay, I’m okay, I’m still accompanied by this disease, and soon I will leave this world.” he said. Tara knew she had to take care of her condition, because she had hypothermia. It can’t be cold. But let him be cold on a cold night, accompanied by cold snow, accompanied by cold rain, and accompanied by a heart that is already frozen and slowly his breath starts to slow and short. He didn’t feel cold and in the end he closed his eyes.

“Hello Valery?” Dane asked Valery when Valery called him.

“Me and your twin, Dane, are getting married!!” Valery said to Dane.

“Hey, stop saying Danes by my name!” said Dane angrily.

“Sorry. I prefer to call your twin’s name Dane. Because it’s better to hear.” Valery said.

“Up to you.” said Dane angrily.

“Hey, you know your brother toyed with Tara.” Valery said.


“It means?”

“Your brother pretended to be you in order to win a bet from me.” Valery said.

“It means? pretend what?”

“Pretending to be you at the Theater Contest that time, you know,” said Valery.

“Oh, at that time I told him to replace me while at the Theater Competition because I had to go to the do-” Dane’s words were cut off, he almost slipped that he had to see a doctor, about shortness of breath.


“It means?”

“To Dora, regarding the Unfinished Paper.” Dane lied.

“Oh, I see,” said Valery “Hey, you know what? I hate Tara, do you know that?” he continued.

“Not. Why?” said Dane.

“He always thought my girlfriend was you. For example at the carnival that time, he thought Danes was you so he took Dane’s hand, and you know Dane is normal!” Valery said.

“Oh.” said Dane curtly.

“Dane, you’ve started college, how long does it take to call?” said one of Dane’s male friends and only Dane nodded in response.

“Yes, Valery, I turn it off, okay? started college.” said Dane who immediately hung up the phone.

At that place, Dane just looked down at the tombstone that said “Tara Natelins” he just muttered incoherently with the silence that afternoon. “I didn’t even give him happiness before he left. You know Tara? I like you when you say your prayers to God, that’s what makes you the choice in my heart.” said Dane. “And now I’m going to pray to God, let it rain if Tara doesn’t come back because I can’t believe she’s gone.” said Dane.

The rain fell heavily, soaking the ground that was wet before becoming wetter. Wetting the black shirt with the disease in his body. Dane coughed, his lips started to turn blue, he started to shiver, he had been there for 6 hours without worrying about his illness, he just muttered, “Soon you and I will meet.” said Dane with a smile.

5 years later…

“Well, what are we going to the graveyard for?” said a little girl.

“Yes ma’am. Where are we going?” said a little boy who was holding the little girl.

“We want to meet someone.”

“Who is ma’am?” asked the boy.

“She is a beautiful woman named Tara who is just like your sister,”

“I’m Mother?” small words to which his mother only nodded.

“And a man with the same name as you.” his mother explained.

“You’re welcome? is his name Dane?” little Dane asked his mother.

“Yes.” Valery and Dane said at the same time,

The End

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