cerpen bahasa inggris: Tale about The Only Girl in the World

She is alone.

Totally alone.

The world had ended, and he was the only one left.

There was only a log cabin with a table and chairs, and a wide, endless meadow.

“Why is there only me in this world?”

That is the biggest question in him.

Some time ago, the world was shaken by a very great earthquake. The ground cracked to its bottom, seawater spilled onto the land, and entire volcanoes erupted to cover the world with ashes. The disaster had swallowed entire countries, cities, and villages, and the girl managed to survive after being confined in the ice for several years.

The girl woke up when the world had regenerated. At that time, the sky turned blue again, the land returned to produce various plants, and the sea water merged again into a very wide ocean.

The girl walked through endless meadows for miles from where she had woken up. And he found it, a cozy little log cabin.

No one knew why the hut was there.

Days later, the girl started collecting clay. Carefully, he shaped the doll of a little boy. Time and time again, the girl repeated parts of the doll to make it the perfect doll.

Day and night he continued to work, until finally a boy doll was formed out of clay that was only the girl’s chest height.

Satisfied, the girl hugged her doll which was like a large clay statue.

“Please, come alive,” the girl whispered earnestly.

And it really happened.

Gradually, the statue turned into a charming little boy. The first thing the boy did was hug the girl who had created him.

The girl was so happy.

“How should I call you?” he asked one day.

The boy just stared at the girl without saying anything.

Yes, the boy can’t talk. All he did was nod and shake his head. However, the girl could understand whatever the boy meant.

“So you don’t even know?”

The boy nodded.

“Then I’ll call you Terra, because you are made of earth.”

The boy nodded again, this time with a sweet smile. The smile changed to a questioning face as he looked out the window.

The endless field was filled with beautiful little lights, flying among the weeds.

“It is a light that springs from the heart of a happy person. The light holds sweet, beautiful, and touching memories of many people in other worlds.”

Terra stared at the window without blinking.

The girl smiled. “Want to go out tomorrow?”

Excitedly, Terra nodded.

The next day, the girl took Terra to the endless fields. At that time, the flowers were blooming. The girl took Terra’s hand, walking in the middle of the flower and grass grove. The little lights were still flying there. Many.

Terra was attracted by a cluster of white flowers that almost resembled snow.

Realizing Terra was fixated on something, the girl asked, “what’s wrong?”

He pointed to the flower.

“You want to know what the flower’s name is?”

Terra nodded.

The girl plucked some of the flower stalks, then put them together with a few blades of grass. “This is Baby’s breath. The meaning of this flower is sincere and eternal love,” he explained gently, then handed the bouquet to Terra.

Terra fell silent looking at the bouquet. Without picking it up, the boy ran to the field of flowers, then plucked various kinds of flowers, arranged them, and tied them with grass. Proudly, he held out the bouquet he had made to the girl, then took the bouquet made by the girl.

The girl was a little surprised, but soon she smiled as she stroked Terra’s head. “Thank You.”

Terra studied the bouquet in his hand, then looked around. The field really seemed endless. So vast that no one knows where it ends. And he wanted to get out of there.

Terra tugged at the girl’s white overalls.

“What is it?”

Terra pointed at the setting sun.

The girl was silent for a moment. “You want to go?”

Terra shook his head. He took the girl’s hand, then again pointed at the sun.

“You want me to go with you?”

This time Terra nodded again.

The girl smiled doubtfully. “Where to? This field seems endless. Wherever the eye looks, there is only grass and flowers.”

Terra still held the girl’s hand, instead starting to pull her slowly.

“In that case, okay.”

Terra and the girl walked down the field. I don’t know how long they’ve been going. They had survived the summer and fall, but in the last moments of autumn, the girl began to stop often to sleep.

Terra kept trying to grab the girl’s hand. It will be winter soon. The world will be filled with cold white sand.

“Sorry, I’m always tired in winter,” said the girl.

Terra stared at the girl silently.

“I know. We have to get there before winter comes.”

With that determination, the girl endured.

A cold wind began to blow hard. It started to snow. The sun is getting less and less visible.

A few days later, the world was completely covered with snow.

The girl fell far more often. Day by day, his consciousness is decreasing. Often he fell among the soft snow and fell asleep.

“…wake up…!”

The girl opened her eyes, and saw the boy she had created talking to her.

“…please, we have to keep going…” Terra said with a panicked face.

“…what a waste… he can’t hear me…”

“No, I can hear your voice clearly,” the girl said softly.

“…How could it be…?”

“Maybe because now your heart is sincere enough to hear your own voice,” the girl replied again. “Hey, you know what?”


“I just had a dream. I went to that world, and learned a lot from it. I had a gentle mother, a lovely father, and grandparents who loved me very much. You know, apparently I really can’t leave this world.”

“…Why is that…?” Terra asked surprised.

Weakly, the girl touched Terra’s hand. Half of his body was covered with snow. “Because I am the embodiment of the memories themselves. The lights you see are the light of my life. If I leave this world, I will die. Different from you. I brought you who was supposed to be in that world through one of those lights. You should be in that world, a place where you are surrounded by people who love and care about you. I’m sorry, Terra.”

Terra gripped the girl’s hand tightly. “…no! I want to be here… with you… no matter that I’m alone here… I’m fine… as long as you’re by my side…”

“Terra, it’s time for you to go home. Your family is waiting for you. I will always be here, waiting for you to come back to me, one day.”

“…really?… I’ll come back here…?”

“Yes. Until then, keep those lights so that I may always live.”

At the same time, a light floated right in front of his nose.

Terra reached for the light, and in an instant his gaze changed. The image of the girl who had been almost covered in snow slowly disappeared, bringing her back to her world.

While Terra disappeared, the girl’s consciousness continued to dwindle.

“See you later, Papa…”

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