cerpen bahasa inggris: Outdated Crown

pendidiknesia.com – A woman who is sinful and sweating immorality cries sobbing in the corner of the bathroom. Repeatedly rubbing soap all over his body. Feelings are raging, full of humiliation. Time and again lust toyed with him to be deceived by the puddle of sin.

“Hanin! Hurry out of the room, there is a special guest. Now it’s your job to serve him!” Alina’s orders.

“Yes,” he replied with a shaky step.

It was a daily routine to let the crown be torn off and enjoyed without resistance. Surrendered to let rough and arrogant hands take away all the precious things that she should keep for her husband.

“Excellent. You’re getting wilder every day,” said the far-fetched old man with a lustful look.

Hanin just silently heard the old fart’s words. For some reason there is a feeling of restlessness and restlessness after doing despicable activities but lust is still the winner. Hanin repeatedly hit his chest to relieve anxiety and restlessness.

“How are you, son?” said his mother over the phone.

“Okay, how about Mother?” Hanin asked how her mother was.

“Alhamdulillah, fine. How’s your job? Safe, right? I don’t want to accept illicit money, especially until you sell your marwah for money.”

“Yes, ma’am.” His reply immediately ended the phone call unilaterally.

Again and again, Hanin was plagued with restlessness and restlessness. Since the last few days, his shyness has returned to greet him. There is a sense of shame when doing haram activities that are usually done with joy. There was a feeling of failing to maintain his generosity and most regretfully, disappointing his mother’s trust.

Hanin sat under the dim light of the room clutching illegal drugs. He decided to end his life. Feelings of restlessness, restlessness, and guilt arrogantly stabbed in his heart. His eyes fixed on the medicine in his hand. Instantly fragments of past memories filled his mind. Imagine the beautiful face of her mother who raised herself with love, guided by religion, supported and embraced with warm love. The mother’s sincere attitude was rewarded with betrayal from her. He repeatedly hit his head to get rid of the flashes of the shadows of the past, but unfortunately the shadows of the past hunted him fiercely without mercy.

Hanin was fighting with her own thoughts, suddenly a faint sound of the call to prayer woke her up. The sound of the call to prayer calms the heart. Instantly there was a sense of hesitation to continue to plan to commit suicide.

“O Allah, forgive the sins of your servant. I have done many adultery sins, now I want to add more sins by committing suicide. I’m sorry, O Allah,” he said softly, wiping the tears that had formed in the corners of his eyes.

Hanin curled up again in the corner of the bathroom as was her daily habit. Weep for the sins that have been committed so far.

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” He said quietly holding back tears.

The moon hid behind the clouds, seemed reluctant to accompany him tonight. The night breeze gently touched her smooth skin. A maroon dress wrapped around her graceful body. Tonight is like the previous nights with the routine of being a night woman, accompanying masher men. Feelings of restlessness and restlessness accompanied him again tonight. I don’t know how long he’s been toying with his lust. I do not know how long he will be able to get out of the shackles of his lust.

Hanin took a deep breath to calm her heart and mind.

“God, I’m sorry,” he said quietly.

Hanin sat waiting for the old fart under the moonlight.

Alina nudged his arm. “Get to work! Daydreaming.”

Hanin stepped in to greet her idol, perhaps the old, lust-worshipping fart to be more precise. Again the haughty hand caressed the ins and outs of her beautiful body. Feeling sick every time doing despicable activities with the old fart.

“Make tonight the last night of our meeting. Never see me again!” Hanin asked in between her despicable activities.

“Oh can not. You’re mine, oops … to be precise your body is mine and remains mine forever, “said the old fart with a ferocious look.

Hanin pleaded, “Please don’t see me again!”

“Once again you say that, then wait for a reply from me,” threatened the old fart.

“What can you do? You’re just an old man who worships lust,” joked Hanin.

“Ha… ha… ha… You don’t know who I really am.”

The old fart mercilessly let go of his desire for Hanin. The battle was over when the sound of the dawn call to prayer echoed through the recesses of Hanin’s heart. There was something vibrating within him, a lump of flesh called a heart. Hurrying himself went curled up in the corner of the bathroom. Her tears flowed effortlessly down her luscious cheeks. Repeatedly splashing water all over the body hoping the sin and sweat will disappear. Rubbing soap all over the body hoping the dirty muruah will come back clean and fragrant. Instantly he remembered his mother’s advice.

“A woman is broken once, she’s still broken. Maybe only a few people can accept your damage,” her mother’s last message when she was about to leave for work.

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