cerpen bahasa inggris: My Last Words (Part 2)

pendidiknesia.com – clock shows it’s time to go home from school, all the students flocked out of the gate in a hurry. Unlike the

lapse of a few hours finally randy’s daughter and papa arrived in front of the house, the daughter immediately got out of the car and went straight into her house.

“Assalamualaikum mah” said the daughter as she opened the door

“waalaikumsalam, where are the results of your training huh?” asked Mamahloudly

Laras”This is mahh” said the daughter while holding out the question sheet and was immediately grabbed by her mother

“what is this, 90” asked her mother while glaring at her eyes

“Here you come with Mamah” said Mamah Laras while pulling the daughter’s hand with loudly

“kee.. where is it?” asked the daughter who was dragged by her mother

“dieemmm” she snapped

“it so happened that your favorite brother and papa are not at home, you have to be lawful. the bathroom then flushed

“now you think about it… how do you get 100” he said and left the daughter and then locked the bathroom door

“why do you always treat me like a stepdaughter, am I really mama’s stepdaughter barrel?” he asked in his heart and shed tears.

After 1 hour the daughter was in the bathroom suddenly mamah Laras opened the door.

“Princess now you go out, and eat this bread and go straight to your room” replied Mamah Laras

“Yes ma’am” with a cold tone and the daughter left her mother

. With a very weak and cold condition, a few hours later the daughter fell fast asleep on the study table.

“ceklekk ..” the sound of the daughter’s room door opening someone opened it roughly but not by waking the princess’s sound sleep.

“It’s good, princess.. it’s good” Mamah snapped the barrel to wake the princess’s sleep.. Mamah

“mm” surprised the daughter and rubbed her eyes

“Good, Mamah told you to study why are you sleeping” asked Mamah

“Princess is tired, daughter. weak” he answered weakly

“it’s just pretending.. because you don’t want to study, what’s a basket” said mamah curtly and went to get the basket

“you don’t have to snack or eat before your task is finished” he continued

“the main thing is that you study now until morning, because you were asleep earlier” he said again and left the princess alone and closed the door with anger and locked it.

It was already 12.00 the daughter was still busy doing her job as usual but after a few minutes the princess fell from her seat, the princess lay unconscious on the floor that was lying on the floor. cold no one saw it. Mamah Laras left without the knowledge of the daughter.

After 2 days suddenly sis Nisa came home feeling very scared. Then kak Nisa entered her house to see that the house was so quiet and quiet, a few steps towards the daughter’s room there was a piece of paper on the table. Sis Nisa took it and read it.

“Nisaa honey.. if you’re home, don’t look for mama, mama, how come Mama is only today and in 5 days to come Mamah is having work to do, Mamah is out of town following your papa, I’m sorry I didn’t call you. Because mamah is afraid to disturb you, son”

By: mamah laras?

Nisa immediately threw the letter and rushed to the daughter’s room but unlucky, the door to the daughter’s room was locked. Nisa rushed to find the key but did not find it. Finally, Nisa tried to use the key to her room door and opened the daughter’s room door. Nisa was shocked to see her sister lying on the floor with a face that was so pale, Nisa immediately approached the daughter’s body

“Princess .. astagfirullah your body is so hot, why are you deck” said Nisa while hugging the daughter’s bodyNisa

“Princess isn’tpapa sis.. princess is sleepy” saidPutri limp

“why are you sleeping under honey, your body is hot, let’s go to the doctor” asked Nisa

“no sis.. princess is fine sis” said the princess and closed her eyes

“princess …” Nisa immediately lifted the little princess’s body and took her to the hospital.

After a few minutes, my daughter was finally treated by a doctor.Doctor

“, what’s wrong with my sister?” asked Nisa

“Your sister is experiencing typhoid symptoms and in that position your sister is also chronically” explained the doctor

ill”astagfirullah.. doc can my sister recover?” he asked again,

“Me and the medical team are trying

, madam. After that, Nisa entered the daughter’s room and saw her sister’s condition.

“Princess.. how are you doing?” asked Nisa

“I’m good Sis.. Brother alone?” he asked back

“brother is good toobrother is late” he said with tears in his eyes

, sis.. sorry bro, sis,”sister don’t have to cry, I’m okay sis.. I can ask for something, sis” said the daughter

“what do you want, tell my sister what do you want” said sis Nisa while crying

“I’m leaving this for mama, daughter wants to rest, sister, princess is tired and not strong” said the daughter who was getting weaker and handed her a beautiful piece of paper that she had arranged for her sister

“strong daughter.. daughter strong child” said sis nisa while receiving the letter

“thank you sis.. sis nisa already loves and cares for me, i say goodbye, i want to rest” said the princess accompanied by closing her eyelids peacefully

“princess… wake up princess, doctor .. doctorrr” Nisa shouted with tears that kept flowing “Doctor, what’s wrong with

my sister, doc?” asked nisa

“inalillahi wa inailaihi rojiun.. your sister has been sleeping forever” said the doctor by covering the body of the corpse with a blanket

“sob.. sob. hiks”

“It’s impossible doc, my sister must be sleeping while doc can’t be forever” she said with a sobI’m

“patient, okay.. Everything is God’s will, please contact your parents,” said the doctor and left Anisa in the room.

Anisa hurriedly took the cellphone that was in her bag and called her parents.

“Assalamualaikum papa.. papa can go home now, can’t you, papa, go to the hospital okay?” said Nisa

“yes, papa and mamah are going home this afternoon, who is sick” asked her papa on the other side of the phone

“I’ll let you know later.. I I don’t want papa to think along the way” said Nisa

“yes honey.. papa hang up the phone, assalamualaikum” he said

“waalaikumsalam” answered Nisa then closed her cellphone and put it back in her bag.

“Pah.. mah.. I’m sorry Nisa, Nisa can’t tell you the truth, Nisa is afraid of what will happen to Mom and Dad” he said in his heart.

Anisa was still in front of the daughter’s room and saw the daughter from the window of her room. Anisa is very sad to see her sister who is no longer beside her.

The next day their parents came and approached Nisa who was sleeping on a chair.

“Anisaa.. wake up, this isRandy said

papa” Papah”Papahh…” said Nisa, who suddenly woke up and immediately hugged her papa so tightly and wept bitterly

“Papa Putri Pah.. Putri Pahh” he sobbed

“Why dear daughter why “He asked confused

“Princess left us all, Daddy” said Nisa again

“Princess….” Papah randy shouted

“sobs.. hikss… hikss.. hiksss” they cried together in front of the room and papah randy immediately entered the room

“daughter why did you leave papah son” said papah randy while shaking his daughter’s bodydaughter

“… wake up sorry mamah Putrii, all this time Mama has always forced you son” said Mamah Laras while shedding tears’m sorry, Mom, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry

“Mama.. Mommy is evil, why did you leave the daughter lying on the floor in my room?” said Nisa who was so loud and accompanied by tears

“I. mamah..” he said

“rice turned into porridge maah.. mamah look with mamah sorry mama can wake up the daughter, no ma’am or not” said Nisa sobbing

“mom has the heart to have my own child, mamah is the same as killing one’s own child” said papah randy

“okay mamah wrong.. mamah sorry, you can put mamah in jail” he said which they ignored

“nisa let’s take the daughter home.. let’s bury it near our house so that it always he’s always around us.” He said

After a few hours the daughter’s body was buried next to her house, the family’s cries could not stop. After the event was over, all the members entered the house and gathered in the family room.

“Mama.. Mamah must be responsible for everything that Mamah has done” said Papah to Mamah Laras

“Pah.. Mamah is ready to go to prison, Papa” Mamah Laras said

“Pah Nisa please don’t take Mamah to the police.. Nisa doesn’t want to lose anyone dear nisa pah” said nisa

“can’t be nisa dear.. this is the same as murder” she said softly

“nisa please papa” Nisa said sobbing

“okay.. papah won’t put mamah in jail but forgive papa, papah will take mamah to the village go to papah’s house.. let mamah be alone there and lament all her mistakes” explained papah randy

“but papa we accompany mamah right papa.. i don’t want mamah alone there” said nisa

“can’t nisa.. mamah have to be alone” he said

“nisa Mama, it’s okay.. Mamah must get a punishment like this” said Mamah

stay here, Papa, Nisa, I beg you,” said Nisa

Laras “No, Mama.. Papa, Mama,. it’s

“mah .. before the princess breathed her last , the daughter left this for mamah” said Nisa while giving an interesting piece of paper to her mother

“what is this, son?” asked Mamah Laras and accepted the sheet of paper from Nisa’s hand

“I don’t know, I don’t know, Nisa, go to the room first.” Nisa got up from her seat and left her mother alone.

“My son’s work is so beautiful.. I didn’t think you could be this creative, son” he said to himself and immediately opened the sheet which contained a few words that made Mamah’s heart slashed and touched when she read it.

“Hello, beautiful mama… I really love Mama, Mama is a good and tough person, Mama is great and strong hehe… Mama has raised my daughter and sister Nisa with great love. Thank you for your sacrifice while raising me for my daughter, I will always remember until my daughter closes her eyes and she will always pray for Mom and Dad, daughter, I really love you, I hope you are given a long life, always healthy. I’m sorry if my daughter can’t be a smart child and mom’s will, but daughter will always try her best for mom.. I’m also sorry that daughter can’t be an obedient child for

mommy. Daughter, see Mama, if you eat a little more, from now on, yes, I love you, Mama, Laras??

Daughter loves mamah.. papah.. and sis nisa

By: salsabila daughter?

To: Mamah Laras Cantikuu

“PUTRIIIII… I’m sorry mom, my daughter has followed everything, Mamah’s daughter also loves my daughter. Mamah will remember my daughter’s message.

“Hikss.. hiksss.. hikss”


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