cerpen bahasa inggris: My Last Words (Part 1)

pendidiknesia.com On Sunday morning there were two very beautiful girls in front of their house who were warming up for a morning jog around the complex. They are two brothers and sisters named Anisa angelia as an older sister and Putri salsabila as a younger sister.

After warming up they both left their yard and went for a morning jog around the complex. But before they could take a step, suddenly a middle-aged woman’s voice came from inside the house.

“Princess… Putriii” shouted the woman and left the house

“Yes ma’am.. what’s wrong?” said the princess

“where are you going huh!” he said rudely

“daughter wants to go for a morning run with you nisa mah” said daughter

“ma let the princess go with nisaa, poor daughter, she’s not refreshing for a full week, at least run in the morning” said nisa

“don’t worry dear.. just let you run morning, daughter, let me study and help mommy” said Mamah Laras

“Just this time please…” Nisaa moaned

“Okay.. Mommy let daughter run in the morning, but remember this is not what Mamah wanted, daughter, but your sister’s will” said Mamah Laras

” Thank you for allowing my daughter to come with you Nisa for a morning run” said the daughter

“already gone.. before Mom changed her mind” he said high

“let’s put it, we’ll go first,” said Nisa while holding her sister and leaving her mother on the terrace of the house

” Be careful nisaa dear” said her mother.

After a few hours they finished their morning run and rested in a shophouse. To drink and eat there,

“Let’s drink and eat first,” said Nisa,

“I think we should just go home, I’m afraid Mamah will be angry with me again,” said the daughter,

“No, honey, it’s still 8 o’clock. Mau-well brother convinced return later certainly mamah ga ijinin you eat, the same nurut yaah sister princess “Nisa

said”yes already kak abis .. but we go home ya kak “the daughter

said”yes dear … bang pesen coffè add sweetness tea eggs 2 also 2, bro,” said Nisa,

“ready, sis,” said the shopkeeper.

“Sis, thank you very much, sis,” said the daughter, smiling sweetly.

“No need to thank me, it’s a brother’s job to take care of and love his sister,” said Nisa, hugging her sister,

Selang a few minutes they talked finally their order came and they ate it deliciously. And no longer could they be heard talking, only the clinking of spoons and forks could be heard. After eating they left the shop.

“how much?” Nisa asked

“35,000, sis” the merchant replied

“This is it, just take it back, bro” Nisa answered while handing the money to the merchant

“Thank you madam” said the merchant

“thank you again bro.. we’re leaving, bro” Nisa said goodbye and leave the shop.

After finishing their journey they arrived at the house, but before they entered the house, Mamah Laras was seen sitting and wearing an angry face when she saw the arrival of her two children.

“Daughter it’s really old you… Hurry in and do your chores” samberr mamah laras

“but mah Nisa and daughter just arrived, tired of taking a shower first,” said Nisaa

“okay okay.. but after that, do what mamah do tell. Listen to you daughter” Mamah Laras said with her droopy eyes

“ii.. yes ma’am” said the nervous daughter.

They entered her house and did their activities, not forgetting the daughter who was always told to study non-stop in order to get grades like her sister. Putri is the second child of Laras Anggraeni, she is a patient and obedient child. Putri is in SMA NUSA INDAH Class 12 Science. While her sister is a student at her favorite university. Mother’s love for her two children.

After the princess finished cleaning herself, she just wanted to lie down on the bed, suddenly a woman entered the room rudely and made the princess gasp in surprise.

“That’s good, daughter, what did mom say earlier?, Mom asked you to learn how to do your three tasks, you said you want to go to university, how come your sister doesn’t have any effort,” saidin a loud tone

Laras”I.. yes, I’m sorry, my daughter.” Putri said,

“I got out of bed, and went to the study table” said Laras and left the daughter’s room.

“It’s true that Mama said that if I want to go to university like Mama, I have to try, I can’t be lazy” said the daughter in her heart.

The time shows 05.00 pm but the daughter is still sitting with piles of thick books in front of her for her to study according to her mother’s request, the daughter is very tired but the daughter does not give up.

Suddenly heard footsteps towards the daughter’s room.

“Knock.. Knock.. Knock.” the sound of a quiet knock on the door

“princess.. honey may come in” a voice from outside the daughter’s room

“may.. just come in the door is not locked” said the daughter from inside

“check …” the sound of the door opened

“assalamualaikum.. unfortunately papa” said papah Randy who approached the daughter at the study table

“waalaikumsalam.. papa” said the princess while stretching her arms and hugging her father’s body

“daughter.. why don’t you come to lunch papah see, why?” askedrandy

papa”mmm.. it’sdaddy is still not hungry dad” replied the daughter

okay”is it because your mama forbid you not to eat before you finish your tasks?” she asked again

“no sir, this is the daughter’s own wish and soon there will be an exam, so the daughter is studying to prepare for the exam” the daughter answered clearly

“a daughter studying is good, but studying must also be fed with food and there must be a schedule for resting. Studying shouldn’t be dispersed, at least you have time to rest” explained papah randy

“but papa..” uvap the daughter was cut off when she saw her mother who was already in front of the door of her room

“but dad.. the daughter wants an exam, if you want an exam, you have to study so that her grades are good like her sister” samber mamah to their conversation

“but my daughter hasn’t eaten lunch yet, poor daughter has to study but mommy doesn’t give my daughter energy” said papah randy

“it’s okay .. papah don’t defend papah’s one favorite child this. He should be getting a good value of 100 in math “Mamah said

barrel”mahh .. “said Randy papah

disconnected”pah own daughter has not hungry, and the task is still unfinished daughter “said

daughter”heard myself tuh kan pah yet hungry.. now papah get out of the daughter’s room and let the daughter focus “said mammah laras and left the place

“daughter if you are tired of rest, son, don’t you force it” said father while rubbing the daughter’s head

“yes papa ..” he said softly and papa randy left Putri alone in the room.

After a few minutes, kak Nisa approached the princess with a basket of food that she bought earlier.

“Princess.. very diligent, sister,” Nisa entered the room and closed the door to the daughter’s room and walked over to the daughter’s bed and sat on the bedside table of the daughter,

“Sis, Nisaa, where have you been?” asked the daughter

“sister after going to the minimarket to buy food for sister’s lunch later, and sister did not forget to buy snacks for you” answered Nisa

“brother where are you going?” asked the princess as she rose from her seat and approached her sister.

“Sister wants to have a camp event dear for 3 days. And tomorrow my sister starts leaving” she answered

“oh my brother’s spirit ..” Said the princess while hugging her sister

“the spirit is also beautiful ..” said Nisa by returning her tight hug


The next day everyone got ready to carry out their respective activities and busyness. Before all the family, Mr. Randy was eating breakfast in the dining room.

“Nisa, you’re camping now, honey, be enthusiastic and careful, honey, don’t be late to eat,” said Mamah

Laras “Yes, I’m sure…” she replied,

“Mom, what’s going on, only two children are encouraged by my sister.. My daughter is also encouraged, right? exam practice” samber papah randy

“no need.. it’s just practice, not the original exam” he said curtly

“even though training to encourage children is mandatory,” randy replied

“it’s okay, we have breakfast in peace, pah, let’s go scared sister and daughter are late” said and asked

Nisa “ouh yes yes, come on papah wait for the gate, dear” said papa randy and left the dining room

“yes dad .. mah nisa and daughter go first huh” said goodbye nisa and kissed the back of mamah barrel as well as with the daughter

“yes dear be careful, oiaa are you daughter now practicing exams what lessons?” Mamah Laras asked the daughter

“Math ma’am” replied the daughter

“Good.. you have to get 100 points from the exercise” said Mamah

Laras “Yes ma’am, I’ll try” she replied

“You have to ..” said her mother and then the daughter was grabbed and pulled by Nisa to leave dining room and rushed to school and college.

After a few hours finally arrived in front of the girls’ school, then the girls entered her class which was 10 minutes from the start of the lesson. After 10 minutes, all the children sat neatly and waited for the math teacher who was distributing the questions to the children.

“Okay, kids, the questions are in front of your eyes, now try to do it for 90 minutes, right?” said a math teacher

“miss ma’am,” said a male student from the far corner of the bench.

“Uh, topic, don’t make a lot of comments, quickly do it” said Mrs. Sarah

“Put, why do you look nervous… why?” asked Winda, a friend and a female deskmate

“I’m afraid the results of this exercise will be less valuable” answered the princess

“hahaha princess, it’s impossible for your score to be small… Even your score is the biggest in this class” said Winda.

The class atmosphere was very quiet, some students grumbled seeing questions that boggle his mind.

After 90 minutes, Sarah announced that the time for questioning had ended.

“Good time kids are finished, now kumpulin front and her mother is immediate correction” said mother Sarah decisively

“bu extra time dong, unfinished nihh bu” said one of the

students’own mother told you collect, so collect completed or not ” he said firmly again

“OK ma’am” answered the children in unison

Mrs. Sarah was correcting the children’s answers and the children were told to rest but not to go to the canteen, just sitting in their respective chairs. Some of the students chatted, some read rhymes, some were mabar and some even slept. Not also with daughter and winda who are cool to discuss the results of the value later.

After all the commotion, Mrs. Sarah finally completed the correction of the value of the exercise earlier. And all the students returned to their seats neatly accompanied by heart exercises.

“Well my children, mother will share the best and the biggest value in this class is…. daughter salsabila who got a score of 90. Give her a round of applause children” said asarah

lady”that’s what daughter I said ..” said winda

“no wind.. this is still small, still not getting a score of 100 is still small” he said

“how small Still, princess.. 90 is already big,” said

Putri, who looked relaxed and confused about what she should say to her mother by getting a score that was less than her mother’s words. And it looks like dad’s car is already in front across the school.

“Dad… why didn’t you say you wanted to pick me up?” asked the daughter as she opened the car door and sat next to her papa.

“Dad, just passed by earlier, coincidentally it was right at home time so papa was waiting for you, oh yeah, how was the practice? How much is it worth?” asked papa and started the car

“the value of the little princess pah” answered the princess with her head down

“how much is it dear” she asked again

“90 pah” the answer was still bowing her head

“dear daughter, 90 is not small, it’s big. Papah is proud of you son” said his papa with a lot of affection

“not yet pah.. not yet 100” said the daughter while looking at her father’s face.

“Really, papa’s son is very smart… oiya, papa, I want to go out of town for 5 days. If something is wrong, call papa or sis Nisa, Papa, I have contacted Mama too,” said Mr. Randy

“Yes, sir,” he answered briefly,

“Daughter takes care of the food. Well, don’t not eat papa’s children,” he said

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