cerpen bahasa inggris: Me, Birthday and My Life

pendidiknesia.com – stared blankly at the cake shop window. Various cakes with various flavors and colors, as well as decorations that adorn the cake become more beautiful. There are special chocolate cakes, high-rise cakes, or tarts with expensive fruits. 

After looking around for decades I only ordered one plain small cake and 1 candle. Mbak cake shop keeper may say to myself that this child is weird and a waste of time. His gaze at me seemed to say so. Actually I don’t know why I bought this plain cake. Just draining my pocket money. But let it be. I haven’t eaten cake in a long time. Plus today is my sixteenth birthday.

Birthdays, where children celebrate happily with their loved ones and colorful balloons decorate their homes. I wish I was. But it sounds impossible haha.

Sometimes I’m tired, down, hopeless, or even almost want to end my life. Why is my life so different Lord? I don’t believe in life anymore like a spinning wheel. The proof is that I’ve never been at the top, I’ve always been at the bottom.

But somehow my heart keeps holding me back from doing it. It’s as if I still have enthusiasm even though it’s only 0.001 percent.

“Happy birthday to me. Hopefully, I can feel happiness,” I said softly and then blew out the candle.

I kicked the pebbles on the road, down the highway. This evening, the street is busy with people coming home from work. I looked down at the chair on the edge that a girl was sitting on. The girl was in tattered and tattered clothes. I tried to approach the girl. I sat beside him.

“Want to eat cake together?”

The girl stared at me silently.

“Today is my birthday,” I continued. The boy accepted shyly. We also ate cake together that evening.

“What is your name?”


“Beautiful,” I complimented. Kayeela finally gave a small smile. Sweet face.

“I’ve never eaten cake in my life,” Kayeela finally said.


“You have no money and I never have a birthday. When I was born, my father never told me,” he answered. Kayeela looks excited to eat cake even though it’s just a plain cake.

I was shocked and confused. Then ask why. Kayeela was silent. Shaking not knowing.

“You’ve been beaten, haven’t you?” I asked reflexively when I saw that his whole body was full of cuts and abrasions. I just realized that my question was very uncomfortable for us who had just met each other. Kayeela nodded slowly then gave a pitiful little laugh.

“I was expelled by my father because I couldn’t get the money from begging. I know that’s a very bad thing to do. But if I don’t, my father will beat me with a rattan and kick me out and let me sleep anywhere on the street. But don’t worry, I’ll be welcome back tomorrow afternoon. Hahaha,” There was

silence when Kayeela finished telling the story.

“Ah, I see, sorry for making you uncomfortable. Then, here’s the cake for you and the rest, and sorry I can only give you this,” I handed him a mineral water and sweet bread from the convenience store that I bought after buying a cake. Kayeela accepts it happily.

“Thank you very much sis, see you again sometime!”

I nod happily and part with kayeela.

I don’t know when I can meet Kayeela again. Her sweet and beautiful face hugged me before I went home. I waved and he replied cheerfully.

Kayeela, The girl is strong and always smiling. I don’t know how old he is but he has been able to face a tough life. We never know what happened behind all the stories he told, was it good or even worse?

But I hope she can live with it and be a tough girl.

And since the incident that afternoon, I came to know, there are many children under me who are not as lucky as me. Forced to work, face a difficult life, and can’t have fun like other children in general. I will continue to strive to live a good and grateful life.

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