cerpen bahasa inggris: Knitted Bamboo Love

pendidiknesia.com Putih. Cool. Covering the blue sky. The wind caresses the hood. Salt water running down the forehead fell down a steep road. Wearing protection in the form of knitted bamboo that is bewitched into a head protector.

“Huh, it’s really hot, have a drink please!” I complained to one of my friends who left a trail on every winding road.

A bottle of mineral water was given to me.

“Fresh. But I’m so tired. Don, I’m so tired. I feel like I’m not strong anymore,” I asked Doni.

My best friend. Always shine bright in the classroom. His mouth is shut. Nanda, the fat man with glasses, just looked at Doni in surprise. Doni and Nanda quickened their pace. I tried to keep pace with them. Suddenly Doni reached out his hand from above.

“Risa, if you go fast, let’s get to the monument. Let’s rest there. Looks like the rest of our friends have arrived there,” said Doni excitedly, leaving a trail on the road.

It was as if the trees that were between us, followed along in the footsteps of our adventurers.

“Yes. But I’m still tired. After hiking, rest as much as you want at home,” I sighed.

“If you’re tired of resting here, it’s okay, Ris. Can’t wait for Nanda. Yes, right?” he chirped while looking at Nanda.

“Right, Risa. If you’re tired, just rest,” said Nanda.

“Oh yes, I heard that in this charming area there is magic. What he said, if people who are in love, their love can be together, you know, “I joked.

“Ah, the myth,” joked Doni.

“Hmm… you are Don. I can’t believe it.”

Suddenly a cold wind pierced the ear canal. Then it spreads throughout the nerves to make the steps stop.

“What’s wrong, Ris?” asked Nanda, surprised.

“A..ouch!!” I groaned while holding my head which felt heavy. It was like a hand was holding my arm.

We also arrived at the monument. The body feels numb, walking around Menawan (in Dawe District, Kudus Regency). I rested my head on the pole. One of our members fell unconscious.

“Maybe he couldn’t stand the trip. It’s exhausting. I almost fainted, I thought.

I saw Doni walking towards me. Carrying a box that looks like it contains biscuits.

“Ris, here I brought biscuits. I see your face is really pale,” said Doni who was sitting on the side while spreading a book fan at me.

“Yes. Thanks Don. You are my best friend,” he just smiled wryly at my words.

“Why Don? Sick?” I was surprised.

Suddenly the fan that was in his hand was thrown. I took a deep breath.

“Let’s all go home!” shouted the chairman of the hiking committee, clapping his hands. Towards a car without a roof. Pick ups.

It was as if we were like a flock of cattle being hunted for prey. I’m still leaning on the monument. Weak. Maria the naughty girl supported me.

“Risa. You just ride me You look so weak,” the committee chairman offered himself while starting the vehicle.

“I just took a pick-up with other friends, sir,” I said quietly.

The car drove slowly. A breezy wind dropped my hat made of knitted bamboo. When I wanted to take the hat, my body hit another friend’s body.

“Risa. Here your hat fell,” said Nanda as he handed me my hat. I take it.

“Thank you Nan,” The

The wind was getting heavier and hitting our tiredness. Doni and Nanda silently looked at me. In the middle of a joke. The pick-up car we were traveling on passed through a cobblestoned road, so I fell. It looks like Nanda’s hand wants to take my hand. But he refused. Maybe not feeling well with other friends. Who knows.

Two days later. Exactly Sunday with the date blah-blah-blah August 2010. I leaned back in the family room chair. My phone squealed. There is an incoming sms. I open. From Don.



“What are you doing, my beautiful angel?”

“Angel? Doesn’t Doni usually text me by calling me an Angel? Weird, I thought.

I replied quickly.

“Just take it easy. Don’t you go out with your girl this Sunday?”

“No. Why? Want to take me out, my cute angel? Hehehe,”

“It’s okay Don. Angel? Why do you call her an angel?”

I’m waiting for a reply from Doni. No answer. I’m waiting again. No. Then I just put it on the chair.

“Late afternoon. Take a shower first. Yesterday’s hike was fun,” I hissed as I grabbed a towel to stretch my muscles in the water running from the faucet.

After stretching my muscles, I picked up the cellphone that was still lying there. Dead. I charge. Have to wait a full day to charge the cellphone.

Cold air enveloped Mother Earth. The flowers are wet with dew. Piercing the nose. Feels like the sun welcomes me to gain knowledge.

Today Doni’s attitude became strange. Not as usual he pondered.

“Don. Lately your attitude has changed towards me. What is it?” investigate me.

He always replied curtly, “It’s okay!”

When I asked Nanda, she answered the same thing. Everything became cold after the adventure of searching for traces. Everything becomes a question mark. While contemplating on the terrace.


“Donnie. What the hell? Don’t worry. Don, what are you really doing? I feel you have changed now,” I said in an annoyed tone.

“In fact…. Actually I love you Ris,” his words made my heart slashed.

“Hahahaha… Impossible. You’re kidding Don,” I replied in disbelief.

“Right, Risa. I really really love you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?” my mouth is silent.

My feelings for Doni, with the title my best friend forever, have become patents. My consistency as a future girl can’t just go away. Along with Doni’s statement. The figure of Nanda as a wanderer of love blends in my mind.

“Riss. I love you too. I really really want to be your girlfriend. You have to choose between me or Doni,” their boasts caused my thoughts to evaporate. The path given by God has finally been opened. I made the decision.

“Sorry. I can’t be your girlfriend. Not that I refuse. But I don’t want our friendship to be ruined. I hope you understand.”

They just sighed. At that time, there was no response from Doni. Unlike Nandini. He still has a little bit of attention on me.


On a certain day. I made an issue about Doni. Telling his friends that he is a playboy. Maybe the issue had entered and roared in his eardrums. Suddenly my heart was knocked as a soul call. With drops that roll down the cheeks. I ran towards the room. Telling all the attitudes that make scars in the heart. A speaker is turned on. The name for Doni resounded. Entering a counseling guidance teacher’s room. Because of the urging of my heart, I pour everything on Mr. Hafi.

“Will Doni forgive me after this? And can we be friends again?” my heart asks.


Pak Hafi asked To a few questions. He just smirked. Witnessed by my friend Maria.

“Don. Risa is your friend or not?” asked Mr. Hafi with a definite smile.

“No, sir,” said Doni shortly.

“Dear Allah. Why did Doni say I’m not his friend?” my little heart screams.

“Then who is your friend? If Maria is your friend, Don?” asked Mr. Hafi again.

“Yes sir,”

“Then what do you think of Risa, Don?” I saw the smile on his sweet lips grow wider.


I smiled wryly at his disgusting expression. Pak Hafi told us to shake hands. End. End with “Sorry”.

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