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pendidiknesia.com – the sun slowly appears. Come out of hiding, behind the white clouds. The light is still shy to show. Makes people around smile wide.

“Good morning world,” the beautiful eyes curved beautifully while showing a sweet smile on her lips. His feet slowly moved to move. I don’t know where to go on this warm day.


His hands were directed to catch some plastic trash that looked dirty and wet underneath. He shook his head slowly looking around, “Plastic waste,” Jeno said after throwing the plastic waste into the nearest trash can.

Why are people so lazy just to throw trash in its place? How difficult is that?

“Even though there are trash cans clearly displayed here, can’t their eyes see?” his lips clicked in annoyance, his eyes narrowed at something scattered around the trash can, there was trash scattered there.

“Good grief! Why are there still scattered here? Their time will not be cut short just to throw trash in its place.”

He lowered the tall body, then smiled briefly. His hand reached out again to clean up the trash that was scattered in front of him.

Subconsciously the corners of his lips lifted to see the surrounding environment looks clean without scattered trash. His arm was moved to wipe the sweat that had begun to drip down his own temple. A little tiring, but small treatments like this will make the environment around you beautifully awake.

His feet were moving slower. His eyes looked around him with a twinkle. The wind blowing directly against his skin added to the cool sensation in him. His heart was slowly enveloped with a warm feeling when he saw the people around him smiling at him.

A smile for a smile. Jeno is very happy to enter this area. The people are warm and friendly. But that’s not the only thing that amazed Jeno.

“Many here are using their own shopping bags instead of plastic, the environment also looks fresh and beautiful. I’m glad to see it,” Jeno said with a big smile still on his handsome face.

“Not only that, even in front of their house many plants are placed in pots from recycled plastic bottles. House decorations made of plastic, Shopping bags are also made from plastic waste, Isn’t it interesting?”

Jeno was slightly surprised when the beautiful voice tickled his eardrums suddenly. His head without being asked to turn to the person who had just joined his voice admiring the nature they saw.

“Many people have started to realize the importance of reducing the use of plastic in their daily lives.”

Her beautiful face nodded firmly. His lips smiled back at the admiration of the man beside him.

“I’m Renjun. Don’t stare at me for too long, you’ll fall in love later” the sentence that came out of Renjun’s mouth made both of them chuckle softly.

They are not much different, the two young men who care about the environment. So don’t be surprised if the two of them can immediately become this intimate even in the first meeting.

“Stop!” Renjun immediately ran after shouting at a girl there. His gaze softened so that the interlocutor would feel comfortable.

“Sorry in advance, may I know what you are going to do?” Renjun asked softly. But not with the look in his eyes, it was very clear that he looked panicked and worried there.

The blonde haired girl chuckled softly, “Throwing this trash out, what else?” he answered in a tone that sounded resentful. The two medium-sized plastic bags filled with trash were still tightly gripped.

“Hey.. You’re going to throw it in this river?” this time Jeno also opened his voice, his eyes narrowed at him disapprovingly.

“Yes, why? I also just threw away two bags, not much,” the girl still dared to reply in a casual tone.

“How many people have said that? A thousand people? Or more?”

“A little bit longer it became a hill. Your actions are simple but bring disaster.”

The firm words that came out of the two lips made the girl’s consciousness look at her with a frightened look.

“Tsk. I’m just throwing it here, it won’t be a disaster! This is natural, don’t overdo it.”

Jeno shook his head at the evasion, “That’s right, you throw it here, then the garbage will move along the flow of this river to the sea, and have a bad impact there, is that normal? That’s just you throwing it away, what if a million people have already done it?”

“Care for our environment, it all starts with us, if not us who else?” A sincere smile was etched on Renjun’s sweet face when he said those words.

“Take this a lesson, don’t repeat it, reduce the use of plastic and don’t throw garbage everywhere.”

The girl nodded slowly then smiled, “Thank you, I will try to do it, for the sake of us and our environment.”

“Good, go and throw this garbage in its place, don’t throw it into the river again, okay?” Renjun’s words were answered by a nod.

Both of them looked at the girl’s departure with pleasure, they managed to open people’s eyes to care more about the environment.

The corners of his lips lifted to chuckle softly then patted the taller shoulder, “Go again, I saw there were some small children making toys.”

“Well, there they are!”

They walked hand in hand towards the direction Renjun pointed earlier. There were already seen several children who were talking with their hands still focused on moving things. It would be a lie if the two of them were not interested in seeing the activities under the shady tree.


“Hi bro!” who there smiled in return of their greeting. They are invited to sit among them.

“What are you guys doing?” Renjun asked enthusiastically. His eyes gleamed at them with admiration, a row of neat teeth visible that made the man in front of him chuckle in exasperation.

“Jisung and I are making flowers from plastic straws, aren’t they beautiful?” Chenle smiled cheerfully showing his almost finished handiwork. He made flowers from molded plastic straws, they looked so unique that Renjun and Jeno gave them a round of applause.

“Sis, I also made three shopping bags out of coffee packs! Look at this!” Ayden did not want to lose, he stood up from his seat and showed three bags made of plastic coffee wrappers. Jeno took one and looked at it in awe, this looks complicated but they can make it better.

“It’s made by me and jaemin too! Ayden just casually said that everything was made by him, it sucks!” Karina pursed her lips cutely.

Jisung glanced at Mark beside him, his hand mischievously took one of his creations, “What are you doing? This looks cute!”

Mark’s hand quickly reclaimed his work in Jisung’s hand, “This is a plastic bottle trash, I turned it into a pencil case or flower pot by cutting it into a glass and then I decorated and colored it,” Mark showed a big smile after explaining his work.

All eyes are on the bottle which is already shaped like a glass with funny-looking colors and decorations. Mark didn’t just make one or two seeds, but ten.

“Wow cool! It’s easier but very useful!”

“You guys are great at being able to reuse this plastic waste. Besides being able to be turned into useful goods, it also creates a clean environment from scattered plastic waste,” Jeno said with a smile that spread on his beautiful face. Renjun nodded his head in agreement with Jeno’s words.

“Thank you for loving and caring for the environment. Garbage on our earth has piled up, continue to love our nature, okay!” Renjun said with a shady look.

Karina returned Renjun’s gaze, “No need to thank me, sis. It is our duty to always protect nature and the surrounding environment. It all starts with us. If not us, who else?”

Everyone agrees with Karina. Then a light chuckle escaped from the corners of their lips.

“Besides making plastic waste into more useful items, there are many other small efforts that we can do to reduce plastic waste. Anyone want to mention some examples or not?” After Renjun spoke, the commotion was heard again. The children there happily mentioned the answers to the questions asked by Renjun.

“There are many. Dispose of trash in its place, replace plastic bags with shopping bags, and also mothers often buy items with larger packaging so they can be used for a long time and don’t create a lot of waste,” said Jisung happily.

Chenle nodded and then spoke, “Bringing your own water bottle is also more economical,” he said.

“My father now uses cardboard more often to wrap packages, even if he uses plastic, the plastic is also limited so it’s not wasteful,” said Mark

Karina pointing her index finger, “I prefer ice cream cones over ice cream cups! My sister said it can reduce waste, you know!”

“Now there are straws made of stainless and rubber that can be reused, just need to be washed! It can reduce plastic waste!” Ayden also did not want to lose, he was very excited to say what he said.


The two of them continued their talk show with them. Don’t forget to also thank them for accompanying their day here. His heart seemed to be decorated with thousands of butterflies when he saw their happy expressions.


The day is getting late, the sun has also dared to show its scorching heat. Renjun’s hands smoothed his hair which looked a little limp and messy with sweat.


“It’s very comfortable here, I see for myself that many people have started to care about the natural surroundings, they really take care of it and make good use of it,” said Renjun by looking at the bumantara with the sun shining with bagaskara.

Jeno smiled silently, “It’s true, people should care more, plastic waste is very dangerous and the amount always increases drastically every year.”


“Waste is still a big problem in this country. Indonesia is even included in the dirtiest country in the world, rivers in Indonesia have even become the dirtiest rivers because of their garbage,” a sigh was heard after Renjun spoke.

“I’ve read on the internet that plastic waste in Indonesia reaches 64 million tons per year,” said Jeno with a glance at the renjun beside him.

Renjun’s eyes widened slightly at Jeno’s words, “Hasn’t the government tried to deal with this before?”

“Although the government is already working here, if the people themselves are not aware and act, there is nothing wrong, Ren.”

Renjun nodded, “We are the cause of all this and we must also take care of it. It all starts with us.”

“If not us, who else?”

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