cerpen bahasa inggris: Empty short story (Part 2)

pendidiknesia.com – sun had already set and the clock showed 20.00. Ayu and Nathalie had just arrived, while Rheagan and Oscar had arrived first.

“Precisely. Come on in.” Rheagan welcomes Ayu and Nathalie.

“Ihh.. at nights like this, our campus is really dark.”

“Relax, I’m here, Nat. Hehee..”

“Ihh.. I didn’t say that I was afraid. Humph.” Nathalie grumbled while locking her arms in annoyance. Ayu and Rheagan just chuckled at the behavior of Nathalie and Oscar.

“Alright, come on, just come in.” Ayu invites her three friends.

“Let me open the door.”

“Thank you, Rheagan.” Ayu looked at Rheagan’s face.

Rheagan only replied to Ayu with a nod and a small smile on his lips. Unbeknownst to him, Rheagan’s cheeks were flushed red from his own embarrassment.

“Cough..” Nathalie pretended to cough.

“There’s a lot of dust. Cobwebs are everywhere.” Ayu mumbled.

“Now what should we do, Ip?”

“In order to quickly find the information we need, we will split up. Me with Rheagan, you with Oscar. Remember, the book we will be looking for is the 2012 catalog book and news related to events in that year. If something goes wrong, flash your flashlight repeatedly on the roof of the library. At 22.30 we will regroup at this point. Understand?”

“Ready.” Exclaimed his three friends.

“Ipp, we’ve been exploring every corner of the library for 2.5 hours, but we haven’t found anything. So what are we going to do now?”

“Hmmm ..”

Ayu looked around her with a flashlight in her hand to get a clue. Then he saw something Rheagan was stepping on. He shone his flashlight at Rheagan’s feet.

“Rheagan, try backing off a bit.” Ayu shone a flashlight at Rheagan’s feet.

“CO2? What do you mean, Ip?” surprised Nathalie.

“See! There are 3 arrows: rotating, straight, and left and right.” Rheagan exclaimed.

“What do you think the arrows mean?” Oscar added.

Not long after, Ayu immediately took the paper and pen in her bag. He began to draw the molecular structure of CO2.

“Translational Energy= degrees of freedom×energy= 3×1/2 RT= 3/2 RT.

Rotational Energy= 2×1/2 RT= 1 RT.

Vibration Energy= 4×1 RT= 4 RT.

Total Energy= (3/2+1+4) RT= 13/2 RT.”

“Shelf Number 13!! Second column.” Ayu exclaimed. The three friends just stared at Ayu confusedly, wondering what she was thinking. They began to count the shelves that lined the aisle. Ayu highlights the second column of Shelf Number 13 which contains old books and finally she finds the catalog book.

However, after cleaning and opening the catalog book, suddenly there was the sound of a security guard patrolling around the campus.

“Who is inside?” The security guard shouted in the front yard of the library.

“Down! Wasn’t anyone closing the door?” Ayu whispered.

“There doesn’t seem to be any. Sorry, we forgot.” Oscar whispered.

Nathalie stepped on the wooden floor of the library which made the security guard even more suspicious that someone had secretly entered the library without permission. The security guard aimed his flashlight looking for the source of the sound. Rheagan signaled his three friends to remain quiet and calm while holding his index finger to his lips.

Because Mr. Security guard felt that his feelings were getting worse, he finally closed it again and locked the library door.

“Puss us down!! Looks like Mr. Security guard really locked the entrance to the library.” Oscar whispered.

“Just shut up.” Rheagan tried to calm the worried mood of his friends.

Rheagan helps Ayu lighten up the newly opened catalog book.

How surprised the four of them were, the catalog book with the same page had also been torn off.

“Hah?? Torn again??!”

Ayu flipped through the pages of the catalog book.

“Are you sure, Ip, this is the same catalog book as the one you found in class yesterday?”

“Same, really. Just look at the cover, the design is the same. The year is also the same, 2012.”

They all looked confused and deep in thought.

“Come on, look over here! There’s the same catalog book on this shelf!”

“Just take a look, Car!”

“Lahh.. why are all the catalogs on this page torn up??”

“I also do not know. But for some reason I feel like all the information about this page is being deliberately hidden and buried by the campus. What really happened in 2012?”

“In 2012, house number 13, hmm..” Nathalie muttered.

“2012.. 13.. 12.. 13.. 12 13!!”

Nathalie and her three friends just stared in wonder at Ayu and her thoughts.

He pulled out the 12th and 13th books which were in the second column of the 13th shelf. These two books were not catalog books and were just ordinary reading books. And how surprised the four of them were, suddenly the number 13 rack rotated itself slowly. It turns out there is a secret room in it. The four of them entered the secret room. They were even more surprised when they found the contents of the room which was already messy and dusty. There were a lot of scattered books and papers in the room. Inside there is also a study table with drawers and a chair. Ayu opened the desk drawer and found a frame containing a small family photo.

“Nat, take a look over here! Isn’t this a photo of the woman who was hanging alone in the empty house we went to?”

“Wow.. yes, Ipp, that’s right.”

Rheagan goes to Nathalie and Ayu. While Oscar was still staring at the books scattered in the room.

“Whose photo is that, Yu?”

“Who knows. But Nathalie and I think she is the face of a woman in a frame in the empty house I told you and Oscar yesterday!”

“Wait, I think I recognize this man’s face.”

“Who, Gan?”

“Oh, I remember!! If I’m not mistaken he was the former chancellor of our campus several years ago.”

“How did you know about that?” Nathalie asked.

“When I was collecting my classmates’ books into the teacher’s room, I passed the rector’s room and saw the frames arranged in his room. Yes, I’m sure it’s him!”

“Xara.. The former chancellor.. Are they one family?”

“You! Look what I found here!”

“What’s the matter, Car?”

“A diary!”

Ayu cleans the book and observes the book.

“Xara Dawson!”

“Ipp, shouldn’t we just go back, it’s okay to read it later at the boarding house, right?”

“Yeah, Yui. It’s almost 12 midnight, too.” Rheagan read the time on his left watch.

“Alright, wait a minute, I’ll bring the frame earlier!”

In the middle of the night they finally decided to return to their respective boarding houses. Because the library door was locked by the security guard, Rheagan and Oscar looked for a tool to open the library window. Finally they managed to return to their respective boarding houses safely. Although they did not find the catalog book they wanted, they got a frame and diary belonging to the figure of Xara Dawsonn, which the four students were looking for.

Arriving at the boarding house, Ayu and Nathalie immediately cleaned up and rested. Because Ayu could not sleep because of her surprise, finally that night she read Xara’s diary, page after page. Until finally arrived at the last page.

Dear God,

If I get the chance to be born again in this world once, I want to ask for a better life in an ordinary family.

Please tell Mama Papa.. what I need is their attention, not their money!

It seems that you guys prefer to be busy with your work than busy taking care of me at home. From a young age I only knew the figure of an aunt.

Ma, Pa.. you know, I really don’t have friends in real life all this time! The library is my only escape and books are my friends.

I feel like I live in this empty world alone.

No friends, not even family, no one cares about me.

Ma, Pa.. I study well, my grades so far have been satisfactory in my opinion. I think if I get good grades, then you guys will come back to me. But the reality is not so. Everything I do feels so useless, useless.

Ma, Pa.. lately my body feels so sick. I have a fever and my chest is tight. My breath is ragged. I have tried many times to contact Mama and Papa but you always ignore my calls.

I don’t want treatment if it’s Aunt who takes me to the hospital.

I just want Mama and Papa to be by my side. Accompany me on these lonely and lonely days.

Sometimes I envy my friends in class who talk about how close they are to their parents.

I’m ashamed Ma, Pa. I don’t have such an interesting and heartwarming story to share with them.

Have you ever wondered whether Mama and Papa really only care about work and I’m not the only child that God has entrusted to them?

I am so stupid to write all this, even Mama Papa will never know about this.

God forgive me. My weak body can’t take it anymore.

Whoever ends up finding this letter, thank you for reading this loner stupid kid’s writing.

I hope your life is surrounded by warm people who love you with all their heart. Live in peace with them.

If you have read to the end of this letter,

then I have safely departed from this world.

greetings to Mama Papa,

LongingXara Dawsonn

Ayu suddenly burst into tears after reading the letter.

“Why, Ip? Can not sleep?”

Ayu handed the paper over to Nathalie and burst into tears.

Nathalie just hugged and tried to calm Ayu.

The next morning Nathalie told Oscar and Rheagan everything. Ayu still looks pale and looks shocked after reading the letter written by Xara that night. Why did his own family have the heart to cover all this with their only child? And more sadly, do they really prioritize work over the lives of their own children?

“Eh.. I want to go back first, okay.”

“Want me to accompany you, Ip?”

“No need, Nat. Thank You.”

Ayu walked to the toilet alone. During the walk he recalled the various things he and his friends had done to obtain this information.

“This is all my fault. I’m really late. I’m really late.” Ayu still looks regretful and self-blame.

Brukkkk ..

Ayu immediately looked at the voice and she rubbed her eyes repeatedly to make sure what she saw was really real.

“It’s not all your fault, Ayu. Indeed, I myself chose to end this destiny. Thank you for listening to my story, Ayu.”


Then the holographic image suddenly disappeared from his sight.

After Ayu returned from the toilet. He approached his friends again but he did not tell what he had just seen.

“Thanks to Rheagan and Oscar for accompanying us to solve this case last night.”

“No big deal, Yu.”

Then Rheagan and Ayu gave each other a small smile.

Seeing this, Oscar suddenly walked over to Nathalie and sat down next to her.

“Yeah, you’re welcome, Nat.”

“Idihh .. who also said thank you to you.”

The four of them laughed together.

Sometimes, someone just needs to be heard.

Not to get a solution, but only to tell stories.

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