cerpen bahasa inggris: Delayed Happiness

pendidiknesia.com – There is no such thing as the most beautiful farewell unless that person doesn’t sincerely love and appreciate being together.

And that’s also how he might feel right now. Jodi, my ex-boyfriend who has given me love for more than a year, I don’t even know if he also has the same feelings.

He left for no apparent reason. Just a few words of farewell from the relationship that I’ve been holding on to for a long time, hoping to make it to the future.

Yes, maybe this is karma because I left Ajik, Jodi’s cousin who actually loves me very much.


My name is Yani and I met Jodi in the last semester of 2nd grade of junior high school. We go to different schools and he is 1 year above me. Jodi and I started a relationship as girlfriends after being friends for 2 weeks, maybe a short introduction and a short relationship too.

“Yani, we’ll see you after school, okay?” he asked on the phone.

“Okay, where will we meet tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow I’ll be waiting at the shop near your school.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

The next day, at 2 o’clock, we met. He rode me by driving it so slowly that it made me impatient.

“It’s been a long time,” I said, a little annoyed.

“Let it go, so I can walk with you for a long time.”

Since that meeting we have become more intimate and often see each other.

Even if it’s only for a short time, it still makes me happy.

He also came to my house during Eid. And that was also the first time I invited a guy over to my house.

When I was in 3rd grade of middle school and Jodi entered high school, we rarely saw each other. Meet at least Saturday after school and even then only on the road when the time is just mediocre.

I also helped him write 4 sheets of Asmaul Husna because he was often punished for being late for school.


“Thank you dear for the help,” he teased.

“Yes, next time don’t repeat it again, I don’t want to help if that’s the reason again”, I was annoyed.


Today is February 2, my birthday. He didn’t forget to wish me a happy birthday even though he didn’t meet me on the phone.

“Happy birthday, dear, I wish you a long and healthy life.”

“Yeah, thanks for the word.”

“Sorry, I can’t give you anything, I had prepared a necklace for you but the teacher confiscated it in class.”

I do not believe it.


Valentine’s Day arrived and early in the morning I already got a letter and a bar of chocolate from Jodi which he left to my classmate who is actually his nephew.

I’m happy but yes, there’s also sadness because he doesn’t give it to me directly.

When I opened the letter and read it, I was touched by his poetic words even though I had never done that before.


Days passed and today was the first anniversary.

I promised to go to his house this Sunday after my cousin’s wedding.

“I’ll wait at the T-junction, okay?”

Not long after that I arrived and we went straight to his house.

While there, it turned out that his friends had come but they were busy themselves which sometimes liked to tease us, who had been sitting in the living room. We talked at length while his right hand wrapped around my shoulder and his left held mine.

I’m always nervous when I’m near him, maybe I’m so happy this time.

The time is 3 pm. I went home alone without any of them.

Since that meeting, our relationship has been strained.

And a few days later he chatted with me,

“Yani, I’m sorry I can’t make you happy anymore.”

Suddenly I was surprised that there was no lightning or cloudy rain.

“Why do you suddenly say something like that, has our relationship only ended here, then what does it mean for me to always be patient for you who can’t be sensitive to me,” I said softly.

“Never mind, I just want us to get over it.”

“You are evil Jod, you are a coward who can’t be responsible for what you say, okay fine, we’ll get over it but don’t blame me if later you regret ever hurting me like this.”

My day was gloomy. Sad and disappointed mixed into one.

This is the first time I can’t move on with that guy whose name is Jodi Muhammad Arifin.

I want to punch and kick him.

“Yeah, don’t be sad anymore. After all, there are a lot of guys out there who are still waiting to be your girlfriend.” said Idah my best friend.

Year after year has changed and also certainly have changed girlfriends but nothing matches.

I haven’t been able to move on for almost two years.

Maybe it was so long ago that I was with Jodi.

My thoughts are always on that guy.

Even though I hate the way he left me but I still have feelings for him.

Before I broke up with her, my friend, Eni once told me that Jodi had another boyfriend who was none other than my own classmate. But at the time I didn’t believe it. I think if he has another girlfriend then why is he still keeping me. I don’t know if I was too stupid or too good to be cheated on like that.

And now I just realized that indeed the Scorpio zodiac will not be able to be with the Aquarius zodiac.

Love can’t be forced and that’s what I see in you. Even though I love you but I can’t force you to reciprocate my feelings. The memories of the past can never be repeated. And if it can be repeated, it will not be like the first time we did it.

You are an ex who taught me so that I can be more selective in choosing a partner and in the end when I can completely forget my feelings for you, I have found someone who really loves me who is none other than my friend in middle school. Jodoh is not going anywhere. When I was hurt by you, God brought a man who was able to make me rise from the feeling of a broken heart. He is Irul, imperfect and romantic but he knows how to make me happy.

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